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      Viking Fur Inc. was incorporated in September 2003 and commenced commercial mink farming operations at Cavendish, Newfoundland Canada in April 2004. The equal owners of the company are Peter Noer and Erik Dalsager. Peter and Erik originate from Denmark where they owned and operated successful mink farms.



Peter Noer and Erik Dalsager


       Mr. Peter Noer was born in 1971. He grew up on a mink farm that was started by his father in 1956 and has been educated in the production of mink since childhood. Mr. Noer's formal schooling has included primary school and further education and training as an electrician. Since 1996, he has been actively involved in the breeding, production and marketing of mink on his own farm. Mr. Noer had expanded the production and operations of his farm to the level where he is now rated, by the Copenhagen fur center, among the top 10% of the total 2,500 mink breeders in Denmark, the largest mink nation in the world.


     Peter Noer's Mink Farm in Denmark                       Peter Feeding the Mink



       Mr. Erik Dalsager was born in 1960 and was raised on a mink farm started by his father in 1974 and became responsible for his own production of mink within his father's farm in 1981.


       Mr. Dalsager's formal education includes completion of his primary education followed by four years of training as a carpenter. He is now a qualified carpenter as well as being a mink breeder.


       Since 1986, Mr.Dalsager has worked in a feed kitchen as manager of operations and has nine years of direct experience in the production of mink feed. During the same time frame, he had brought his own mink operation up to 2,300 females, in addition to establishing a pelting operation handling 25,000 pelts per year.


     Erik Dalsager's Mink Farm in Denmark                    Inside a Mink Shed



        The farming of mink takes place in many counties throughout the world. Total worldwide production had been relatively stable over the past 20 years, averaging around 28 million pelts on an annual basis.

Mink pelts production is dominated by Denmark, which currently produces almost 35% of the world’s production.

Market demand for mink pelts is expected to increase as a result of increasing demand in China and other developing countries for fur products.

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